The objective is to find all the matching pairs. Playing is very simple, you turn over one card and then turn over another one to find its matching pair.

All  Animals pairs memory game can help improve your memory and concentration skills while having a good time.

1 player or 2 players : You can play alone trying to find all pairs in the less time and in the less movements possible. You can also play against another human player. Just choose if you want to be the panda bear or the rabbit and then try to match the cards when is your turn.

The game is ideal to play when you have some spare time or you are bored in the bus, train or subway. It's also a great game to play with your friends or loved familiars.

FULL VERSION, for very low price, includes 5 different sets of cards related with the main theme. Have fun playing mathing pairs game with 5 different set of cards related with Pets, farm animals, birds, wild animals and reptiles ... Adding some extra fun to the classical matching pairs game playing with the 50 different spectacular pictures hidden in the cards.


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